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Japanese Artillery

Japanese artillery, WW2

Paddle and Crock

3 examples of rare & interesting books from our library: Holland of Today, 1925. Edwards; History of the Late War, London 1764, super details. Adventures in Equatorial Africa, 1861 (First white man to document the discovery the "monstrous and ferocious ape, the gorilla." Book is origin of King Kong.) Acoma, Sky City Bowl. Canoe Paddle. Penn Yan, NY Stoneware Jug

Paddle Detail

NYS animal decorated Canoe Paddle, detail

German Luger Style 1950s Schimel BB Gun

German Luger Style 1950s Schimel BB Gun

Mission Oak Lamp

Mission Oak Lamp with Leaded Shade

Copper Weather Vane

Complete Original Old Copper Eagle Weather Vane, I usually have oak Morris Chairs

Folk Art, small

Small, rustic folk art make great room accent pieces

Stoneware Humidor

Fancy Stoneware Humidor in excellent condition, side rings are stoneware, Cupid w/ Grape Cluster

Black Bear Statue

Black Bear Accent Piece, Early 1,000 Island Souvenir Paddle (sold)

Bronze Moose

Bronze Moose (SOLD), Roycroft candlesticks (SOLD)


Ceramic jugs

Antique Schwinn Bicycle

Schwinn Streamliner boys bicycle from 1955 in fabulous original condition. Only the tires and tubes have been replaced. Tank horn and fender light work and are in excellent, rust free condition. Has very few minor spots of rust where paint chipped. Detail photos will be made available to interested buyer.

crocks, snowshoes, bronze, w/c

Crock, bronzes, snowshoes, tramp art frame

Stickley Table

L & JG Stickley Library Table
(crock and vase sold)


Burley-Winter jardiniere (sold), on early
1800's 2-drawer stand

1900's Ship Model

Early 1900's ship model, "La Canadienne",
signed by maker, Eugene LeClerc

Cooper Vignettes

"Cooper Vignettes" in India, Proof Before Letter, 1862 (James Fenimore Cooper), Maker Signed Tramp Art Box.

Group of Watercolor Paintings

Original Watercolor Paintings- left to right: Cottage in Truro, Cape Cod. Old Homestead by Harwood Dryer (sold). Polperro, England 1931 by Virginia Cuthbert. (sold) Top: Ltd. Litho, Red Jacket, signed by artist J. Spurling, 1926.

Gay Head Painting, Martha's Vineyard, 1948 by E. Kane

Gay Head Painting- Martha's Vineyard, 1948 by E. Kane (sold)